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A family of Johann configuration curved crystal spectrometers has been designed to share the basic engineering features of compactness, modularity, facility of alignment and focus, and incorporation of solid-state charge coupled device detector arrays. These detectors have intrinsically low noise, useful energy resolution, two-dimensional position …


We present a comparison of measured and theoretically modeled Lyman- a intensity ratios of hydrogenlike Al XIII impurity ions in a deuterium base plasma in the COMPASS-D tokamak. The time evolution of the intensity ratios is computed from a collisional-radiative model using measured plasma parameters and compared with line-of-sight integral values …


Crystal and synthetic multilayer diffractors, deployed either as flat Bragg reflectors, or curved, as in the Johann configuration, are used to study the spectrum of COMPASS-D and other tokamaks in the wavelength region of 1–100 A. In this article, we concentrate on the measurement of absolute photon fluxes and the derivation of volume emissivitie…