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The work reported in this paper has already been presented internally by placement student Jacob Young at a MAST Physics and Technology meeting on December 17 2020. Therefore it does not require a paper review presentation. Please also note that the paper is proposed for inclusion in a special issue of Plasma Research Express linked to the recent I…


A new inversion technique is presented for the identification of plasma filaments in wide-angle visible camera data. Direct inversion of camera data onto a field aligned basis is a poorly conditioned problem which is overcome by breaking the analysis into a `psuedo-inversion’ step followed by a `point spread function correction’ step. Camera …

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Four numerical codes are employed to investigate the dynamics of Scrape-Off Layer filaments in tokamak relevant conditions. Experimental measurements were taken in the MAST device using visual camera imaging, which allows the evaluation of the perpendicular size and velocity of the filaments, as well as the combination of density and temperature as…

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The JET Neutral Beam Injection (NBI) system is the most powerful neutral beam plasma heating system currently operating. Optical Interlocks were installed on the beam lines in 2011 for the JET Enhancement Project 2 (EP2), when the heating power was increased from 23 MW to 34 MW. JET NBI has two beam lines. Each has eight positive ion injectors oper…

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The thermal performance of a carbon fibre composite-copper monoblock, a sub-component of a fusionreactor divertor, was investigated by finite element analysis. High-accuracy simulations were createdusing an emerging technique, image-based finite element modelling, which converts X-ray tomogra-phy data into micro-structurally faithful models, captur…

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Properties of point defects resulting from the incorporation of inert-gas atoms in bcc tungsten are investigated systematically using first-principles density functional theory (DFT) calculations. The most stable configuration for the interstitial neon, argon, krypton and xenon atoms is the tetrahedral site, similarly to what was found earlier for …


The structure and phase stability of binary tungsten-vanadium and tungsten-tantalum alloys are investigated over a broad range of alloy compositions using ab initio and cluster expansion methods. The alloys are characterized by the negative enthalpy of mixing across the entire composition range. Complex intermetallic compounds are predicted by ab i…


Laboratory experiment is an attractive method of exploring the plasma physics that may occur in solar and astrophysical shocks. An experiment enables repeated and detailed measurements of a plasma as the input conditions are adjusted. To form a scaled experiment of an astrophysical shock a plasma physics model of the shock is required, and the impo…


Operation of the JET Neutral Beam Injectors with tritium is described. Supplying the tritium feed via the special electrically grounded gas feed compromised the performance of the up-graded high current triode Positive Ion Neutral Injectors (PINI) due to gas starvation of the source and the methods adopted to ameliorate this effect are described. A…