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Precipitation hardened Copper-Chromium-Zirconium (CuCrZr) alloy is a prime candidate for divertor components in future European DEMOnstration fusion reactors. To develop the DEMO Design Criteria for In-vessel Components (DDC-IC), the failure criterion of CuCrZr needs to be investigated. Hence, the effects of stress triaxiality and loading…

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A family of Johann configuration curved crystal spectrometers has been designed to share the basic engineering features of compactness, modularity, facility of alignment and focus, and incorporation of solid-state charge coupled device detector arrays. These detectors have intrinsically low noise, useful energy resolution, two-dimensional position …


This spectrometer was designed to give access to a wide range of Bragg angles and crystal focal lengths while using the Rowland circle radius as a free parameter. Stability is achieved using a rigid beam or “Rowland chord,” which provides a reference axis for all the critical alignments, the chord length being variable between about 0.2 and 5 m…