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Fishbones are ubiquitous in high-performance JET plasmas and are typically considered to be unimportant for scenario design. However, during recent high-performance hybrid experiments, sporadic and explosive fishbones have been observed which correlate with a reduction in performance and main chamber hotspots. Clear evidence has been obtained of fu…

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At the tokamak Joint European Torus (JET), the electron cyclotron emission spectra in O-mode and X-mode polarisations are diagnosed simultaneous in absolute terms for several harmonics with two Martin-Puplett interferometers. From the second harmonic range in X-mode polarisation, the electron temperature profile can be deduced for the outboard side…

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Neutral beam injection into reversed magnetic shear DIII-D and ASDEX Upgrade plasmas produces a variety of Alfvénic activity including toroidicity-induced Alfvén eigenmodes and reversed shear Alfvén eigenmodes (RSAEs). These modes are studied during the discharge current ramp phase when incomplete current penetration results in a high central sa…


Charge eXchange Recombination Spectroscopy (CXRS) will play a crucial role in the diagnosing of burning plasmas: items like helium ash, transport barriers, impurity content or fuel ratio can all be assessed with CXRS. In fact this is the only direct method to obtain information about the light impurity ions, such as temperature, concentrations and …