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Supramolecular chemistry offers an exciting opportunity to assemble materials with molecular precision. However, there remains an unmet need to turn molecular self-assembly into functional materials and devices. Harnessing the inherent properties of both disordered proteins and graphene oxide (GO), we report a disordered protein-GO co-assembling sy…


Internal flow behaviour during melt-pool-based metal manufacturing remains unclear and hinders progression to process optimisation. In this contribution, we present direct time-resolved imaging of melt pool flow dynamics from a high-energy synchrotron radiation experiment. We track internal flow streams during arc welding of steel and measure insta…

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Recent experiments on TCV have made significant progress toward partial detachment of the outer divertor in neutral beam heated H-mode plasmas. The heating power required to enter H-mode was measured in a range of divertor configurations, finding that, in the vicinity of the PL-H/ne curve, the threshold power is largely independent of the poloidal …

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Methods for density control are of critical importance for future long pulse tokamaks. The EMC3-EIRENE code is being used to investigate the applicability of 3D non-axisymmetric fields for density control in standard and advanced divertor configurations in spherical tokamaks. Part of this effort is understanding Scrape Off layer (SOL) transport mec…

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