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The existing regulatory framework in France provides a full and coherent licensing basis to permit ITER to be build and operated at Cadarache. The specific sitting studies including the submission of the first step of licensing documentation for ITER offers an early assessment of fusion power plants. The regulatory procedure begins with the release…


In previous publications [A. K. Ram and S. D. Schultz, Phys. Plasmas 7 , 4084 (2000) ; A. Bers, A. K. Ram, and S. D. Schultz, in Proceedings of the Second Europhysics Topical Conference on RF Heating and Current Drive of Fusion Devices , edited by J. Jacquinot, G. Van Oost, and R. R. Weynants (European Physical Society, Petit-Lancy, 1998), Vol. 22A…


The gyrokinetic theory of ion cyclotron resonance is extended to include propagation at arbitrary angles to a straight equilibrium magnetic field with a linear perpendicular gradient in strength. The case of the compressional Alfvén wave propagating in a D(3He) plasma is analyzed in detail. A self-consistent local dispersion relation is obtained u…