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A wide range of studies on JET have contributed greatly to the development of the ELMy H-mode as a high-performance scenario for fusion devices and to the understanding of the physical processes that underlie it. Development has focused on the production of a highperformance, high-density, stationary scenario suited to deuterium-tritium operation a…


JET supports ITER both in development of technology and in torus operations. The latter include the study of ITER-like scenarios, operation in tritium (a trace tritium campaign has recently been completed), mitigation of ELMs and disruptions, investigation of tritium retention, real time control of plasma parameters, and control of extreme plasma s…


A microwave interferometry technique is applied for the first time for detecting a discrete spectrum of Alfvén cascade (AC) eigenmodes excited with fast ions in reversed magnetic shear plasmas of the Joint European Torus. The interferometry measurements of plasma density perturbations associated with ACs show an unprecedented frequency and time re…