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Crystal plasticity finite element (CPFE) modelling is an effective tool from which detailed information on the meso-scale behaviour of crystalline metallic systems can be extracted and used, not only to enhance the understanding of material behaviour under different loading conditions, but also to improve the structural integrity assessment of e…

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The pedestal structure, ELM losses and linear MHD stability are analysed in a series of JET-ILW H and D type I ELMy H-mode plasmas. The pedestal pressure (pPED) is typically higher in D than in H at the same input power, with the difference mainly due to lower density in H than in D. At the same input power, the pedestal electron pres…

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Tokamaks are traditionally viewed as axisymmetric devices. However this is not always true, for example in the presence of saturated instabilities, error fields, or resonant magnetic perturbations (RMPs) applied for edge localized mode (ELM) control. We use the VMEC code (Hirshman and Whitson 1983 Phys. Fluids 26 3553) to …

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New experiments in 2013-2014 have investigated the physics responsible for the decrease in H-mode pedestal confinement observed in the initial phase of JET-ILW operation (2012 Experimental Campaigns). The effects of plasma triangularity, global beta and neutrals on pedestal confinement and stability have been investigated systematically. The stabil…

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The H-mode pedestal plays an important role in determining global confinement in tokamaks. In high triangularity H-mode experiments in Joint European Torus with the ITER-like wall (JET-ILW), significantly higher pedestal temperature and global confinement have been achieved with nitrogen seeding. The experimentally observed increase in pedestal hei…

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Ever since conception of the Vacuum Arc Centrifuge (VAC) in 1980, periodic fluctuations in the ion saturation current and floating potential have been observed in Langmuir probe measurements in the rotation region of a VAC. Our theoretical and experimental research suggests that these fluctuations are in fact a pressure-gradient driven drift mode. …