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The ASCOT orbit-following code has been equipped with a model for simulating charge exchange (CX) of fast ions with background atoms in magnetically confined fusion plasmas. The model was successfully verified by comparing simulated reaction mean free paths to analytical values across a range of fusion-relevant parameters. ASCOT was used to simu…


Computations in toroidal geometry are systematically performed for the plasma response to 3D magnetic perturbations, produced by ferritic inserts (FIs) and test blanket modules (TBMs), for four ITER plasma scenarios: the 15MA baseline, the 12.5MA hybrid, the 9MA steady state, and the 7.5MA half-field Helium plasma. Due to broad toroidal spectrum of…

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Mitigating edge localized modes (ELMs) with resonant magnetic perturbations (RMPs) can increase energetic particle losses and resulting wall loads, which have previously been studied in the vacuum approximation. This paper presents recent results of fusion alpha and NBI ion losses in the ITER baseline scenario modelled with the Monte Carlo orbit fo…

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