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Developing a robust safety case is a key step in the development of a fusion power reactor for electricity generation. Plans for fusion power reactors are already underway and before nuclear facilities are licensed, they must demonstrate they satisfy several safety objectives involving keeping workers and the public safe and limiting any environ…

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The JET outboard divertor targets are the in-vessel components which receive the largest heat flux density. Surface delamination, radial cracks, and tie rod failures have been observed in the outboard tungsten-coated CFC tiles, while bulk tungsten special lamellas were intentionally melted in dedicated experiments. These different types of damag…


Pure Fe and model Fe-Cr alloys containing 5, 10 and 14%Cr were irradiated with Fe+ ions at a maximum energy of 2MeV to the same dose of 0.6dpa at temperatures of 300°C, 400°C and 500°C, and at dose rates corresponding to 6 x 10-4 dpa/s and 3 x 10-5 dpa/s. All materials exhibited an increase in hardness after irradiation at 300°C. After irradiat…