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The aim of driving a sufficient amount of plasma current with an appropriate radial current density profile is considered as one of the key challenges for a tokamak fusion power plant in steady state operation. Furthermore, efficient heating to enable transition to regime of enhanced confinement and to achieve breakeven plasma temperatures as well …


ITER and future superconducting fusion machines need efficient wall conditioning techniques for routine operation in between shots in the presence oi permanent high magnetic field for wall cleaning, surface isotope exchange and to control the in-vessel long term tritium retention. Ion Cyclotron Wall Conditioning (ICWC) based on the ICRF discharge i…


The physics studies of the three “heating” systems that are installed on JET are reviewed. Results from the beginning of JET up to now are presented with some emphasis on the more recent ones. The systems were used not only for heating, where JET has laid the groundwork to qualify them for heating the next generation of machines to ignition, bu…


Experiments on the JET tokamak show that the wave-induced pinch in the presence of toroidally asymmetric waves can provide a tool for controlling the profile of ion-cyclotron-resonant 3 He ions. Direct evidence for the wave-induced pinch has been obtained from the measured -ray emission profiles. Concurrent differences in the excitation of Alfve?n …


Detailed measurements of the rotation profile in L-mode plasmas heated by ICRF only (H minority in D), show a distinct off-axis maximum in the co-current direction. There is a slight dependence on the position of the resonance layer: the off-axis maximum in the rotation profile is modestly higher for a high field side position of the resonance laye…


On JET the coupling resistance averaged over the four straps of the A2 antennas in the Mark II GB divertor configuration was analyzed with particular emphasis on the plasma shape dependence. The measured values were compared with models for the coupling resistance of different levels of sophistication with the ultimate goal of supplying recipes on …