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A new inversion technique is presented for the identification of plasma filaments in wide-angle visible camera data. Direct inversion of camera data onto a field aligned basis is a poorly conditioned problem which is overcome by breaking the analysis into a `psuedo-inversion’ step followed by a `point spread function correction’ step. Camera …

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Ball-pen probes have been deployed in the SOL of numerous magnetic confinement experiments to make direct measurements of the plasma potential. They have also been used simultaneously with Langmuir probes to make fast measurements of the electron temperature. Despite strong empirical evidence for the success of the BPP it lacks a theoretical underp…

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Knowledge of the ion temperature (Ti) is of key importance for determining heat fluxes to the divertor and plasma facing components, however data regarding this is limited compared to electron temperature (Te) data. Ti measurements at the divertor target, between edge-localised modes (inter-ELM) H-mode, have been made using a novel retarding field …