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Pellet material deposited in a tokamak plasma experiences a drift towards the low field side of the torus induced by the magnetic field gradient. Plasma fuelling in ITER relies on the beneficial effect of this drift to increase the pellet deposition depth and fuelling efficiency. It is therefore important to analyse this phenomenon in present machi…


Several improvements to the MAST plant and diagnostics have facilitated new studies advancing the physics basis for ITER and DEMO, as well as for future spherical tokamaks. Using the increased heating capabilities PNBI ≤ 3.8 MWH-mode at Ip = 1.2 MA was accessed showing that the energy confinement on MAST scales more weakly with Ip and more strong…


Spontaneous transitions from the low ‘‘L-mode’’ to high ‘‘H-mode’’ of tokamak plasma confinement, first observed during neutral beam heating experiments on ASDEX, are now routinely achieved in many tokamak experiments. The H-mode regime is attractive as it offers the possibility of enhanced confinement, and thus a route towards a mo…