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Reconstructions of plasma equilibria using magnetic sensors and a Dα constraint were routine during operation of the MAST spherical tokamak, but reconstructions using kinetic profiles was not. These are necessary for stability and disruption analysis of the MAST database, as well as going forward for operation in the upgrade to the device, MAST-U.…


Advancing our understanding of divertor plasma physics is limited by an inability to directly determine the plasma characteristics (density, temperature, etc) over the entire divertor cross-section. At best, diagnostics are able to measure ne and Te at isolated points. More commonly however, diagnostics only measure higher-level quantities (e.g. em…

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The pedestal structure, ELM losses and linear MHD stability are analysed in a series of JET-ILW H and D type I ELMy H-mode plasmas. The pedestal pressure (pPED) is typically higher in D than in H at the same input power, with the difference mainly due to lower density in H than in D. At the same input power, the pedestal electron pressur…

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Only limited data exist on the effect of neutron irradiation on the brittle to ductile transition (BDT) in tungsten. This work investigates the increase in brittle to ductile transition temperature (BDTT) following neutron irradiation to 1.67 displacements per atom, using four-point bend tests over a range of temperatures (623 – 1173 K) and strai…

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Recent studies have shown that on JET with the Be/W ITER-like wall (JET-ILW) in high beta discharges with high D2 gas rates the inter-ELM temperature pedestal growth is saturated half way through the ELM cycle, leading to plasmas with reduced confinement, and that the linear MHD stability of these pedestals is inconsistent with the Peeling-Ballooni…

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Rotating collectors and quartz microbalances (QMBs) are used in JET to provide time-dependent measurements of erosion and deposition. Rotation of collector discs behind apertures allows recording of the long term evolution of deposition. QMBs measure mass change via the frequency deviations of vibrating quartz crystals. These diagnostics are used t…

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