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The benefits of an optimised Super-X divertor configuration in mitigating the steady-state power and particle fluxes to the surfaces of the MAST Upgrade divertor have been quantified by performing a detailed comparison with a conventional divertor for the first time.  In otherwise identical plasmas with conventional and Super-X divertor configu…


Detachment, an important mechanism for reducing target heat deposition, is achieved through reductions in power, particle and momentum; which are induced through plasma-atom and plasma-molecule interactions. Experimental research in how those reactions precisely contribute to detachment is limited. Both plasma-atom as well as plasma-molecule intera…

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Advancing our understanding of divertor plasma physics is limited by an inability to directly determine the plasma characteristics (density, temperature, etc) over the entire divertor cross-section. At best, diagnostics are able to measure ne and Te at isolated points. More commonly however, diagnostics only measure higher-level quantities (e.g. em…

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In ITER and DEMO, achieving detachment at lower densities would allow to reduce the amount of impurity seeded and to improve confinement by running at lower separatrix densities. Analytic models predict that a increase of total flux expansion would allow such a reduction in upstream density at detachment. However, both experiments and modelling …

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Recent experiments on TCV have made significant progress toward partial detachment of the outer divertor in neutral beam heated H-mode plasmas. The heating power required to enter H-mode was measured in a range of divertor configurations, finding that, in the vicinity of the PL-H/ne curve, the threshold power is largely independent of the poloidal …

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Divertor detachment in the TCV tokamak has been investigated through experiments and modelling. Density ramp experiments were carried out in ohmic heated L-mode pulses with the ion B drift directed away from the primary X-point, similar to previous studies [pitts2001]. Before the roll-over in the ion current to the outer strike point, C III and D? …

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