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Combining spatially resolved X-ray Laue diffraction with atomic-scale simulations, we observe how ion-irradiated tungsten undergoes a series of non-linear structural transformations with increasing irradiation exposure. Nanoscale defect-induced deformations accumulating above 0.02 displacements per atom (dpa) lead to highly fluctuating strains at ~…

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A set of external coils (A-coils) capable of producing nonaxisymmetric, predominantly n =1, fields with different toroidal phase and a range of poloidal mode m spectra has been used to determine the threshold amplitude for mode locking over a range of plasma parameters in Alcator C-Mod [I. H. Hutchinson, R. Boivin, F. Bombarda, P. Bonoli, S. Fairfa…


The inclusion of collisional rates for He-like Fe and Ca ions is discussed with reference to the analysis of solar flare Fe XXV and Ca XIX line emission, particularly from the Yohkoh Bragg Crystal Spectrometer (BCS). The new data are a slight improvement on calculations presently used in the BCS analysis software in that the discrepancy in the Fe X…