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The Safety and Environmental Work Package (WPSAE) has the scope to progress the safety studies for the future EU DEMO reactor, in the frame of the Eurofusion programme. A Generic Site Safety Report (GSSR) has been designed to include all the steps necessary to cover the safety issues of the nuclear fusion plant, from the definition of principles an…


ELM control may be essential to develop ITER scenarios with a reasonable lifetime of divertor components, whilst ELM pacing may be essential to develop stationary ITER scenarios with a tungsten divertor. Resonant magnetic perturbations (RMPs) have mitigated ELMs in high collisionality plasmas in JET. The efficacy of RMPs in mitigating the ELMs is f…

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A global signature of the build-up to an intrinsic edge localized mode (ELM) is found in the temporal analytic phase of signals measured in full flux azimuthal loops in the divertor region of JET. Toroidally integrating, full flux loop signals provide a global measurement proportional to the voltage induced by changes in poloidal magnetic flux; the…


The JET ITER-like Wall (ILW) provides the same plasma facing component configuration as ITER during its active phase: beryllium in the main chamber and tungsten in the divertor. Moving from a carbon-based wall to an all metal wall requires some operational adjustment. The reduction in radiation at the plasma edge and in the divertor can lead to hig…


Neutral beam injection into reversed magnetic shear DIII-D and ASDEX Upgrade plasmas produces a variety of Alfvénic activity including toroidicity-induced Alfvén eigenmodes and reversed shear Alfvén eigenmodes (RSAEs). These modes are studied during the discharge current ramp phase when incomplete current penetration results in a high central sa…


Within the framework of the International Energy Agency, an international collaborative study on fusion radioactive waste has been initiated to examine the back end of the materials cycle as an important stage in maximizing the environmental benefits of fusion as an energy provider. The study addresses the management procedures for radioactive mate…


ABSTRACT. The European Power Plant Conceptual Study (PPCS) reported in the summer of 2004. Several conceptual designs (“Models”) for commercial fusion power plants were developed, spanning a range from relatively near term to more substantial extrapolations. The parameters of the Models were chosen by systems analysis to be economically optimal…