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The impacts of ions and neutrons in metals causes cascades of atomic collisions that expand and shrink, leaving microstructure defect debris, i.e. interstitial or vacancy clusters or loops of different sizes. In [A. De Backer, A. E. Sand, K. Nordlund, L. LunĀ“eville, D. Simeone, and S. L. Dudarev. EPL, 115(2):26001, 2016.], we described a method…

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Nuclear interactions can be the source of atomic displacement and post-short-term cascade annealing defects in irradiated structural materials. Such quantities are derived from, or can be correlated to, nuclear kinematic simulations of primary atomic energy distributions spectra and the quantification of the numbers of secondary defects produced pe…


Recently, a scaling law describing the formation of defect clusters under irradiation has been established [1, 2]. A critical constraint associated with its application to phenomena occurring over a broad range of irradiation conditions is the limitation on the energy of incident particles. Incident neutrons or ions, with energies exceeding a certa…

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