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This work presents the first evidence of helical flow in RFX-mod q(a) < 2 tokamak plasmas. The flow pattern is characterized by the presence of convective cells with m = 1 and n = 1 periodicity in the poloidal and toroidal direction, respectively. A similar helical flow deformation has been observed in the same device when operatedfas a Reversed…

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One of the main FAST (Fusion Advanced Studies Torus) goals is to have a flexible experiment capable to test tools and scenarios for safe and reliable tokamak operation, in order to support ITER and help the final DEMO design. In particular, in this paper, we focus on operation close to a possible border of stability related to low-q operation. To t…


Magnetohydrodynamic equilibrium states with a three-dimensional helical core are computed to model the MAST spherical tokamak and the RFX-mod reversed field pinch. The boundary is fixed as axisymmetric. The MAST equilibrium state has the appearance of an internal kink mode and is obtained under conditions of weak reversed central shear. The RFX-mod…