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The paper presents an analysis of disruptions occurring during JET-ILW plasma operations covering the period from the start of ILW (ITER-like wall) operation up to completion of JET operation in 2016. The total number of disruptions was 1951 including 466 with deliberately induced disruptions. The average disruption rate of unintended disruptions i…

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In magnetic fusion devices, unwanted non-axisymmetric magnetic eld perturbations, known as error fields (EF), can have detrimental effects on plasma stability and confinement. To minimize their impact on plasma performances and on the available operational space, it is important to identify the EF sources and develop EF control strategies. MAST Up…

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The published version of this paper is currently under embargo and will be available on 11/08/2022

This work presents the first evidence of helical flow in RFX-mod q(a) < 2 tokamak plasmas. The flow pattern is characterized by the presence of convective cells with m = 1 and n = 1 periodicity in the poloidal and toroidal direction, respectively. A similar helical flow deformation has been observed in the same device when operatedfas a Reversed…

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