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Small punch creep (SPC) testing represents an effective way to rapidly assess the creep performance of novel materials and potentially monitor degradation of in-service components. Recent progress in standardisation has also led to improvements in data analysis. However, estimation of equivalent uniaxial stresses is still somewhat challenging and h…


A technology readiness assessment has been carried out on materials under development within the EUROfusion materials work package (WPMAT). This covers materials for structural, high heat flux and functional applications (breeder materials and coatings are not covered). The baseline materials have been assigned Material Technology Readiness Levels …

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Internal flow behaviour during melt-pool-based metal manufacturing remains unclear and hinders progression to process optimisation. In this contribution, we present direct time-resolved imaging of melt pool flow dynamics from a high-energy synchrotron radiation experiment. We track internal flow streams during arc welding of steel and measure insta…

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A novel multicomponent alloy, V2.5Cr1.2WMoCo0.04, produced from elements expected to favour a BCC crystal structure, and to be suitable for high temperature environments, was fabricated by arc melting and found to exhibit a multiphase dendritic microstructure with W-rich dendrites and V-Cr segregated to the inter-de…

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Breeding blankets are designed to ensure tritium self-sufficiency in deuterium- tritium fusion power plants. In addition to this, breeder blankets play a vital role in shielding key components of the reactor, and provide the main source of heat which will ultimately be used to generate electricity. The design of blankets is critical to the success …

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