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The Joint European Torus (JET) high resolution Thomson scattering (HRTS) system measures radial electron temperature and density profiles. One of the key capabilities of this diagnostic is measuring the steep pressure gradient, termed the pedestal, at the edge of JET plasmas. The pedestal is susceptible to limiting instabilities, such as Edge Local…

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The LIDAR Thomson scattering concept was proposed in 1983 and then implemented for the first time on the JET tokamak in 1987. A number of modifications were performed and published in 1995, but since then no major changes were made for almost 15 years. In 2010 a refurbishment of the diagnostic was started, with as main goals to improve its performa…


Absolute calibration of LIDAR Thomson scattering systems on large fusion devices may be achieved using rotational Raman scattering. The choice of calibrating gas molecule presents different options and design trade-offs and is likely to be strongly dependent on the laser wavelength selected. Raman scattering of hydrogenic molecules produces a very …


Experiments on the Alcator C-Mod and JET tokamaks with identical values of nondimensional variables at the pedestal top are expected to have the same local plasma transport for a ratio > 4 in absolute size and thus can help to clarify other effects in pedestal formation. At the high and low fields (7.9 T, 1.4 T respectively) involved, natural-densi…