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Ion cyclotron resonance heating (ICRH) is one of the three additional heating schemes to be deployed on ITER. Its two antenna arrays, installed on the outboard midplane, will deliver 20 MW of RF power in the 40-55 MHz frequency range. The plasma-facing component of …

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Edge-localised modes (ELMs) can carry significant fractions of their energy as far as main chamber plasma-facing components in divertor tokamaks. Since in future devices (e.g. ITER, DEMO) these energies could cause issues for material lifetime and impurity production, the energy and temperature of ions in ELMs needs to be investigated. In MAST, nov…

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Knowledge of the ion temperature (Ti) is of key importance for determining heat fluxes to the divertor and plasma facing components, however data regarding this is limited compared to electron temperature (Te) data. Ti measurements at the divertor target, between edge-localised modes (inter-ELM) H-mode, have been made using a novel retarding field …


Ion energy measurements have been made in the scrape off layer of the Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak (MAST) using a midplane retarding field energy analyser (RFEA) in H-mode plasmas during the inter-edge localised mode (ELM) period and during type I and type III ELMs. During the inter-ELM period at distances of 3 to 8 cm from the last closed flux surfa…


The radial propagation of type-I ELMs in ASDEX Upgrade has been measured using a number of techniques. The most reliable technique uses a filament probe to measure the time difference between two separated probes and yields a mean radial velocity obtained of ~1.5 kms -1 . The radial velocity calculated using a time of flight technique suffers from …