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Achieving high neutron yields in today’s fusion research relies on high power auxiliary heating in order to attain required core temperatures. This is usually achieved by means of high Neutral Beam (NB) and Radio Frequency (RF) power. Application of NB power is accompanied by production of fast beam ions and associated Beam-Target (BT) reactio…

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Dedicated experiments to generate high-energy D ions and D-3He fusion-born alpha particles have been performed at the Joint European Torus (JET) with the ITER-like wall (ILW). Deuterium ions from neutral beam injection (NBI) with acceleration voltage of 100 keV were accelerated to higher energies in the core of mixed D-3He…


First simultaneous measurements of deuterium-deuterium (DD) and deuterium-tritium neutrons from deuterium plasmas using a Single crystal Diamond Detector are presented in this paper. The measurements were performed at JET with a dedicated electronic chain that combined high count rate capabilities and high energy resolution. The deposited energy sp…


A system based on a LaBr 3 (Ce) scintillator and digital data acquisition is discussed in view of γ-ray spectroscopy measurements on a fusion burning plasma. High energy resolution and high rate capability of the system are demonstrated in laboratory tests and in dedicated experiments at nuclear accelerators. Preliminary results on sensitivity of …


Intensities and detailed spectral shapes of γ-ray emission peaks were successfully reproduced using a physics model combining the kinetics of the reacting ions with a detailed description of the nuclear reaction differential cross sections for populating the L1-L8 14 N excitation levels yielding the observed γ-ray emission. The results provide a …