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A non-steady-state orbit-following Monte-Carlo code has been developed. As part of the verification and validation of the code, calculations of time dependent neutron rates have been made for a specific shot in the Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak (MAST) using three-dimensional fields representing vacuum resonant magnetic perturbations (RMPs) and toroida…

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Tokamaks are traditionally viewed as axisymmetric devices. However this is not always true, for example in the presence of saturated instabilities, error fields, or resonant magnetic perturbations (RMPs) applied for edge localized mode (ELM) control. We use the VMEC code (Hirshman and Whitson 1983 Phys. Fluids 26 3553) to …

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A new operational scenario of advanced tokamak formation was demonstrated in the JT-60U tokamak. This was accomplished by electron cyclotron and lower hybrid waves, neutral beam injection, and the loop voltage supplied by the vertical field and shaping coils. The Ohmic heating (OH) solenoid was not used but a small inboard coil (part of the shaping…