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Lower hybrid current drive (LHCD) with modest powers ( 10% of the total power input) has been used for the first time to completely stabilize performance limiting neoclassical tearing modes in many COMPASS-D tokamak discharges. The stabilizing effect in these experiments is consistent with a reduction in the free energy available in the current pro…


A Thomson scattering diagnostic designed to measure both edge and core physics has been implemented on MAST. The system uses eight Nd:YAG lasers, each with a repetition rate of 30 Hz. The relative and absolute timing of the lasers may be set arbitrarily to produce fast bursts of measurements to suit the time evolution of the physics being studied. …


A new infrared Thomson scattering system has been designed for the MAST tokamak. The system will measure at 120 spatial points with 10 mm resolution across the plasma. Eight 30 Hz 1.6 J Nd:YAG lasers will be combined to produce a sampling rate of 240 Hz. The lasers will follow separate parallel beam paths to the MAST vessel. Scattered light will b…


This Letter provides information on the spatial and temporal structure of periodic eruptions observed in magnetically confined laboratory fusion plasmas, called edge-localized modes (ELMs), and highlights similarities with solar eruptions. Taken together, the observations presented in this Letter provide strong evidence for ELMs being associated wi…


H -mode operation has been achieved in high current I p . 200 kA plasmas in the START spherical tokamak for both neutral-beam-injection-heated and Ohmic discharges. The transition to H mode features the development of well-defined edge pedestals in density and temperature, which signifies the formation of an edge-transport barrier, and associated e…