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Disruption prediction and avoidance is a critical need for next-step tokamaks such as ITER. The Disruption Event Characterization and Forecasting Code (DECAF) is used to fully automate analysis of tokamak data to determine chains of events that lead to disruptions and to forecast their evolution allowing sufficient time for mitigation or full av…


A Fusion Nuclear Science Facility (FNSF) could play an important role in the development of fusion energy by providing the nuclear environment needed to develop fusion materials and components. The spherical torus/tokamak (ST) is a leading candidate for an FNSF due to its potentially high neutron wall loading and modular configuration. A key consid…

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The Joint European Torus (JET) operates using deuterium as a fuel but has also operated in D-T mode where the fusion reaction is fuelled by deuterium and tritium. To justify the safety of D-D and D-T experiments, safety reports are produced to obtain approval for the experimental campaigns. The Safety Case has recently undergone a periodic safety r…


‘Trace Tritium Experiments’ (TTE) were successfully performed on JET in 2003. The Campaign marked the first use of tritium in JET plasmas since the Deuterium- Tritium Experiment (DTE1) Campaign in 1997, and was the first use of tritium in experiments under the EFDA organisation with the UKAEA as JET Operator. The safety and regulatory preparati…