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Hydrogen isotopes are retained in materials for fusion power applications, changing both hydrogen embrittlement and tritium inventory as the microstructure undergoes irradiation damage. But modelling of the highly damaged regime – over 0.1 displacements per atom (dpa) – where asymptotic saturation is observed, is difficult because a highly dama…


Linear elasticity theory predicts a divergent strain field at the dislocation core, resulting from the continuum approximation breaking down at the atomic scale. We introduce a minimum model that includes elastic interactions and discrete lattice periodicity, and derive a set of equations that treat the core of an edge dislocation from a solely geo…

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Body-centered cubic metals and alloys irradiated by energetic particles form highly mobile prismatic dislocation loops with a/2 {111} -type Burgers vectors. We show how to simulate thermal diffusion of prismatic loops using a discrete dislocation dynamics approach that explicitly includes the stochastic forces associated with ambient thermal fluctu…

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