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When resonant magnetic perturbations are applied in MAST, the plasma edge boundary experiences a three dimensional distortion, which can be a few percent of the minor radius in amplitude, in good agreement with ideal 3d equilibrium modelling. This displacement occurs in plasmas both with radial position feedback control applied, and without feedbac…


Several improvements to the MAST plant and diagnostics have facilitated new studies advancing the physics basis for ITER and DEMO, as well as for future spherical tokamaks. Using the increased heating capabilities PNBI ≤ 3.8 MWH-mode at Ip = 1.2 MA was accessed showing that the energy confinement on MAST scales more weakly with Ip and more strong…


A perturbative three-dimensional analysis is presented of Alfvén waves in a magnetic X-point configuration with a strong longitudinal guide field. The waves are assumed to propagate in the direction of the X-line, and both the plasma beta and equilibrium plasma current are taken to be zero. This provides a simple model of Alfvén wave propagation …