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The Small Tight Aspect Ratio Tokamak (START) [A. Sykes et al., Nucl. Fusion 32, 769 (1994)] spherical tokamak has recently achieved the record value of toroidal beta~30% in a tokamak-like configuration. The improvements that have made these results possible are presented along with a description of the global equilibrium parameters of the discharge…


Modern charge-coupled-device (CCD) detectors can achieve peak quantum efficiencies of 90%, compared with less than 10% for the photocathode of an electron multiplier. We report on laboratory tests of examples of these two detector technologies to evaluate their relative performance for precision Doppler spectroscopy of laboratory plasmas. The tests…


Fast charge-coupled device (CCD) detector arrays placed at the output of visible spectrometers are used for multichord Doppler shift analyses on the COMPASS-D and START tokamaks. Unequal magnification in the horizontal and vertical axes allows for optimal matching of throughput and spectral resolution at the CCD detector. This involves cylindrical …