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The Safety and Environmental Work Package (WPSAE) has the scope to progress the safety studies for the future EU DEMO reactor, in the frame of the Eurofusion programme. A Generic Site Safety Report (GSSR) has been designed to include all the steps necessary to cover the safety issues of the nuclear fusion plant, from the definition of principles an…


Alfven eigenmodes driven by energetic particles are routinely observed in tokamak plasmas. These modes consist of poloidal harmonics of shear Alfven waves coupled by inhomogeneity in the magnetic field. Further coupling is introduced by 3D inhomogeneities in the ion density during the assimilation of injected pellets. This additional coupling modi…

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Magnetohydrodynamic equilibrium states with a three-dimensional helical core are computed to model the MAST spherical tokamak and the RFX-mod reversed field pinch. The boundary is fixed as axisymmetric. The MAST equilibrium state has the appearance of an internal kink mode and is obtained under conditions of weak reversed central shear. The RFX-mod…