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Crystal and synthetic multilayer diffractors, deployed either as flat Bragg reflectors, or curved, as in the Johann configuration, are used to study the spectrum of COMPASS-D and other tokamaks in the wavelength region of 1–100 A. In this article, we concentrate on the measurement of absolute photon fluxes and the derivation of volume emissivitie…


Quantitative measurements of the line and continua emissivities and the analyses of spectral line profiles are essential steps in the interpretation of the x-ray emission from high-temperature fusion plasmas. One method of placing the emissivities on an absolute basis is to use an absolutely calibrated spectrometer to record the data. The overall s…


This spectrometer was designed to give access to a wide range of Bragg angles and crystal focal lengths while using the Rowland circle radius as a free parameter. Stability is achieved using a rigid beam or “Rowland chord,” which provides a reference axis for all the critical alignments, the chord length being variable between about 0.2 and 5 m…