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Tungsten is one the primary candidate materials for the high neutron flux, high temperature components of a future demonstrate fusion reactor. Despite this, there is a lack of data on W under fusion relevant neutron doses and irradiation temperatures. Transmutation reactions result in the production of Re and Os solute atoms, at a rate which is …


High-temperature superconducting materials are being considered to generate the magnetic fields required for the confinement of plasma in fusion reactors. The present study aims to assess the microstructural degradation resulting from ion implantation at room temperature under two implantation conditions: 0.6 MeV Xe2+ to a fluence of …


High temperature, neutron irradiated single crystal tungsten, with a post irradiation composition of W-1.20±0.11at.%Re-0.11±0.05at.%Os-0.03±0.01at.%Ta was characterised using a combination of Atom Probe Tomography (APT) and Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM). APT showed that within nanoscale clusters of Re/Os, the atomic density wa…

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A viable fusion power station is reliant on the development of plasma facing materials that can withstand the combined effects of high temperature operation and high neutron doses. In this study we focus on W, the most promising candidate material. Re is the primary transmutation product and has been shown to induce embrittlement through cluster fo…

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In tungsten plasma-facing fusion reactor components, Ta is the third most abundant element formed by transmutation (after Re and Os), yet little is known about the behaviour of W-Ta alloys under irradiation and any effects Ta might have on Re clustering in W-Re-Ta alloys. In this study, W-4.5 at.%Ta, W-2 at.% Re-1 at.%Ta andW-2 at.%Re alloys were e…


This study examines clustering and hardening in W–2 at.% Re and W–1 at.% Re–1 at.% Os alloys induced by 2 MeV W + ion irradiation at 573 and 773 K. Such clusters are known precursors to the formation of embrittling precipitates, a potentially life-limiting phenomenon in the oper- ation of fusion reactor components. Increases in hardness were …