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The RF-induced pinch of 3 He minority ions has been observed in JET affecting the diamagnetic energy, the fast ion energy content, the sawtooth period, the Alfvén eigenmode excitation and the y-emission. Further, the y-emission is consistent with RF-detrapping into co-current passing orbits. The results from the SELFO code are consistent with the …


This paper compares the form of f(v||) arising from the warm-ion, kinetic models of Emmert et al. [ Phys. Fluids 23, 803 ( 1980) ] and Bissel and Johnson [ Phys. Fluids 30,779 ( 1987) ] with experimentally measured distributions from the DITE tokamak obtained with a retarding field analyzer (RFA). The results show that the commonl…


One problem inherent in the use of small planar Langmuir probes to analyze low-density plasma is expansion of the space-charge sheath with increased probe potential due to the departure from planarity caused by a nonnegligible sheath edge. Experimental evidence showing the existence of significant edge effects in the ion saturation region of the ch…


Magnetic feedback control has been used in the DITE tokamak to substantially reduce saturated m = 2, n = 1 instabilities in both Ohmic discharges and discharges with lower-hybrid current drive (LHCD). Feedback has been used for the first time to significantly increase the disruptive density limit in a tokamak. LHCD on DITE stabilizes the sawtooth i…