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Tridiagonal matrix inversion is an important operation with many applications. It arises frequently in solving discretized one-dimensional elliptic partial differential equations, and forms the basis for many algorithms for block tridiagonal matrix inversion for discretized PDEs in higher-dimensions. In such systems, this operation is often the …

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Anisotropy and some limiting toroidal flow effects on the stability of non resonant ideal magnetohydrodynamic modes in hybrid shaped tokamak plasmas are investigated within the ideal MHD infernal mode framework. Such effects are found to alter the plasma magnetic well/hill, which can be interpreted as imparing the average curvature, and the stre…

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A new drift-kinetic theory of the ion response to magnetic islands in tokamak plasmas is presented. Small islands are considered, with widths w much smaller than the plasma radius r, but comparable to the trapped ion orbit width ρ_bi. An expansion in w/r reduces the system dimensions from five down to four. In the absence of an electrostatic poten…

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The Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak (MAST) is the centre piece of the UK fusion research programme.In 2010, a MAST Upgrade programme was initiated with three primary objectives, to contribute to: (1)testing reactor concepts (in particular exhaust solutions via a flexible divertor allowing Super-X and otherextended leg configurations); (2) adding to the …

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Observations of ion-scale density turbulence of relative amplitude are available on the Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak (MAST) using a 2D (8 radial × 4 poloidal channel) imaging Beam Emission Spectroscopy (BES) diagnostic. Spatial and temporal characteristics of this turbulence, i.e., amplitudes, correlation times, radial and perpendicular correlation …


Electrostatic gyrokinetic analyses are presented for an L-mode discharge with an internal transport barrier, from the spherical tokamak, MAST. Local and global microstability analysis finds similar linear growth rates for ion temperature gradient (ITG) driven modes. When the electron response is assumed to be adiabatic, growth rates are found to be…


Quantitative measurements of the line and continua emissivities and the analyses of spectral line profiles are essential steps in the interpretation of the x-ray emission from high-temperature fusion plasmas. One method of placing the emissivities on an absolute basis is to use an absolutely calibrated spectrometer to record the data. The overall s…