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Prediction of material performance in fusion reactor environments relies on computational modelling, and will continue to do so until the first generation of fusion power plants come on line and allow long-term behaviour to be observed. In the meantime, the modelling is supported by experiments that attempt to replicate some aspects of the eventua…

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Point defects in body-centred cubic Fe, Cr and concentrated random magnetic Fe-Cr are investigated using density functional theory and theory of elasticity. The volume of a substitutional Cr atom in ferromagnetic bcc Fe is approximately 18% larger than the volume of a host Fe atom, whereas the volume of a substitutional Fe atom in antiferromagnetic…

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The damage produced by primary knock-on atoms (PKA) in W has been investigated from the threshold displacement energy (TDE) where it produces one Self Interstitial Atom (SIA) – vacancy pair to larger energies, up to 100 keV, where a large molten volume is formed. The TDE has been determined in different crystal directions using the Born Oppenheim…

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