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Transport processes around the magnetic X-point of tokamaks, such as turbulence and mean-field drifts, are scarcely understood and difficult to investigate in experiments. In this paper, we explore the dynamics in a newly developed X-point scenario on the basic toroidal plasma device TORPEX and use it to validate plasma edge turbulence codes. In-si…


The effect of plasma shaping on scrape-off layer (SOL) plasma turbulence is investigated through a rigorous validation exercise. Two- and three-dimensional simulations of the SOL plasma dynamics in three TCV limited discharges are carried out with the GBS code. These discharges realize an almost circular magnetic equilibrium, an elongated equilibri…

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Four numerical codes are employed to investigate the dynamics of Scrape-Off Layer filaments in tokamak relevant conditions. Experimental measurements were taken in the MAST device using visual camera imaging, which allows the evaluation of the perpendicular size and velocity of the filaments, as well as the combination of density and temperature as…

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A set of key properties for an ideal dissipation scheme in gyrokinetic simulations is proposed, and implementation of a model collision operator satisfying these properties is described. This operator is based on the exact linearized test-particle collision operator, with approximations to the field-particle terms that preserve conservation laws an…