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The simplest nontrivial model of transport across a magnetic island chain in the presence of collisionless streaming along the magnetic field is solved by a Wiener–Hopf procedure. The solution found is valid provided the boundary layer about the island separatrix is narrow compared to the island width. The result demonstrates that when this assum…


Edge plasmas, such as the tokamak scrape-off layer, exist as a consequence of a balance between cross-field diffusion and parallel losses. The former is usually anomalous, and is widely thought to be driven by strong electrostatic turbulence. It is shown that the anomalous diffusion affects the parallel ion transport by giving rise to a new type of…


To gain insight into divertor operation, similarity techniques are employed to investigate whether model systems of equations plus boundary conditions admit scaling transformations that lead to useful divertor scaling laws. These can be used to perform similarity experiments or more fully exploit large computer simulations. Fluid plasma models of t…


Earlier two-dimensional (radial and poloidal angle), analytically tractable ion kinetic models of the scrape-off layer (SOL) in which a steady state is achieved by balancing the streaming loss of ions to the divertor target plates with the radial diffusion of ions from the core are unable to distinguish between limited and diverted plasmas. The mod…


Nearly all kinetic treatments of fast wave minority heating of inhomogeneous plasma in the cyclotron range of frequencies assume the magnetic field varies in the direction perpendicular to the magnetic field. However, the toroidal magnetic field of a tokamak varies along a field line due to the rotational transform and causes a small number of trap…