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One of the key challenges for the development of high-performance fusion materials is to design materials capable of maintaining mechanical and structural integrity under the extreme levels of displacement damage, high temperature and transmutation rates. High-entropy alloys (HEAs) and other concentrated alloys have attracted attention with rega…

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Configuration entropy is believed to stabilize disordered solid solution phases in multicomponent systems at elevated temperatures over intermetallic compounds by lowering the Gibbs free energy. Traditionally the …

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In high-entropy alloys (HEAs), the local chemical fluctuations from disordered solute solution state into segregation, precipitation and ordering configurations are complex due to the large number of elements. In this work, the cluster expansion (CE) Hamiltonian for multi-component alloy systems is developed in order to investigate the dependence o…

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The extreme environments found within the nuclear sector impose large safety factors on modelling analyses to ensure components operate in their desired manner. Improving analysis accuracy has clear value of increasing the design space that could lead to greater efficiency and reliability. Novel materials for new reactor designs often exhibit non-…

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The thermal performance of a carbon fibre composite-copper monoblock, a sub-component of a fusionreactor divertor, was investigated by finite element analysis. High-accuracy simulations were createdusing an emerging technique, image-based finite element modelling, which converts X-ray tomogra-phy data into micro-structurally faithful models, captur…

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The erosion and high neutron flux in a fusion power plant results in the need for frequent remote replacement of the plasma facing components. This is a complex and time consuming remote handling operation and its duration directly affects the availability and therefore the commercial viability of the power plant. A tool is needed to allow the main…


The need to populate the fusion materials engineering data base has long been recognized, the IFMIF facility being the present proposed neutron source for this purpose. Re-evaluation of the regulatory approach for the EU proposed DEMO device shows that the specification of the neutron source can be reduced with respect to IFMIF, allowing lower risk…