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The super-X divertor on MAST Upgrade will be diagnosed by a Thomson scattering diagnostic. A preliminary design of the collection optics and calculations of the diagnostic’s performance are discussed in this paper. As part of the design the location and size of the collection cell were optimized to minimize vignetting, especially in the region of…


A major upgrade to the ruby Thomson scattering (TS) system has been designed and implemented on the Mega-ampere spherical tokamak (MAST). MAST is equipped with two TS systems, a Nd:YAG laser system and a ruby laser system. Apart from common collection optics each system provides independent measurements of the electron temperature and density profi…


A new infrared Thomson scattering system has been designed for the MAST tokamak. The system will measure at 120 spatial points with 10 mm resolution across the plasma. Eight 30 Hz 1.6 J Nd:YAG lasers will be combined to produce a sampling rate of 240 Hz. The lasers will follow separate parallel beam paths to the MAST vessel. Scattered light will b…


Both ruby laser ( 300 points ) and NdYAG laser ( 19 points ) Thomson scattering systems are used on MAST. Fast nonlinear optical switching shunts laser beams from the four 50 Hz NdYAG lasers to obtain coaxial plasma illumination. The technique allows for future expandability to many laser systems. The ruby laser system is used in parallel. A broadb…