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The evolution of the JET high performance hybrid scenario, including central accumulation of the tungsten (W) impurity, is reproduced with predictive multi-channel integrated modelling over multiple confinement times using first-principle based models. 8 transport channels are modelled predictively, with self-consistent sources, radiation and magne…

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The recently proposed set of zeroth-order moment equations to model poloidal density asymmetries induced by temperature anisotropies in rotating tokamak plasmas (R. Bilato et al., Nuclear Fusion 54 (2014) 072003) is here extended to account for the effects of the localization of the ion cyclotron (IC) resonance on the poloidal inhomogeneity of the …

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The effects of poloidal asymmetries and heated minority species are shown to be necessary to accurately describe heavy impurity transport in present experiments in JET and ASDEX Upgrade. Plasma rotation, or any small background electrostatic field in the plasma, such as that generated by anisotropic external heating can generate strong poloidal den…

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W sputtering during ICRF on ASDEX Upgrade (AUG) and temperature rise on JET A2 antenna septa are considered in connection with plasma conditions at the antenna plasma facing components and E|| near-fields. Large antenna-plasma clearance, high gas puff and low light impurity content are favorable to reduce W sputtering in AUG. The spatial distributi…