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In this paper, the pixelated phase mask (PPM) method of interferometry is applied to coherence imag-ing (CI) — a family of passive, narrowband spectro-polarimetric imaging techniques for diagnosing plasmas. Compared to designs using a linear phase mask, PPM is more compact, rugged and has a higher spatial resolution (averaged across both image di…


A Doppler coherence imaging spectroscopy diagnostic has been developed on the HL- 2A tokamak for scrape-off-layer impurity plasma flow measurements. Two- dimensional imaging of line-averaged C2+ flow in the high-field-side scrape off layer with time resolution up to 1 ms, has been achieved successfully by this system. The spatial angular resolut…

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High bandwidth, high spatial resolution measurements of electron temperature, density and plasma potential are valuable for resolving turbulence in the boundary plasma of tokamaks. While conventional Langmuir probes can provide such measurements either their temporal or spatial resolution is limited: the former by the sweep rate necessary for obtai…

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A new resistive bolometer system has been developed for MAST-Upgrade. It will measure radiated power in the new Super-X divertor, with millisecond time resolution, along 16 vertical and 16 horizontal lines of sight. The system uses a Xilinx Zynq-7000 series Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) in the D-TACQ ACQ2106 carrier to perform real time data…

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A new coherence imaging Doppler spectroscopy diagnostic has been deployed on the UK’s Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak for scrape-off-layer and divertor impurity flow measurements. The system has successfully obtained 2D images of C III, C II, and He II line-of-sight flows, in both the lower divertor and main scrape-off-layer. Flow imaging has been obt…