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The Safety and Environmental Work Package (WPSAE) has the scope to progress the safety studies for the future EU DEMO reactor, in the frame of the Eurofusion programme. A Generic Site Safety Report (GSSR) has been designed to include all the steps necessary to cover the safety issues of the nuclear fusion plant, from the definition of principles an…


Access conditions for full suppression of edge localised modes (ELMs) by magnetic perturbations (MP) in low density high confinement mode (H-mode) plasmas are studied in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak. The main empirical requirements for full ELM suppression in our experiments are: 1. The poloidal spectrum of the MP must be aligned for best plasma respo…


In ITER and DEMO, achieving detachment at lower densities would allow to reduce the amount of impurity seeded and to improve confinement by running at lower separatrix densities. Analytic models predict that a increase of total flux expansion would allow such a reduction in upstream density at detachment. However, both experiments and modelling …

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Divertor detachment in the TCV tokamak has been investigated through experiments and modelling. Density ramp experiments were carried out in ohmic heated L-mode pulses with the ion B drift directed away from the primary X-point, similar to previous studies [pitts2001]. Before the roll-over in the ion current to the outer strike point, C III and D? …

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Sustained Edge Localised Mode (ELM) mitigation has been achieved on MAST and AUG using RMPs with various toroidal mode numbers over a wide range of low to medium collisionality discharges. The ELM energy loss and peak heat loads at the divertor targets have been reduced. The ELM mitigation phase is typically associated with a drop in plasma density…

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Lower hybrid current drive (LHCD) with modest powers ( 10% of the total power input) has been used for the first time to completely stabilize performance limiting neoclassical tearing modes in many COMPASS-D tokamak discharges. The stabilizing effect in these experiments is consistent with a reduction in the free energy available in the current pro…


Neutral beam injection into reversed magnetic shear DIII-D and ASDEX Upgrade plasmas produces a variety of Alfvénic activity including toroidicity-induced Alfvén eigenmodes and reversed shear Alfvén eigenmodes (RSAEs). These modes are studied during the discharge current ramp phase when incomplete current penetration results in a high central sa…


A potentially serious impediment to the production of energy by nuclear fusion in large tokamaks, such as ITER [R. Aymar, V. A. Chuyanov, M. Huguet, Y. Shimomura, ITER Joint Central Team, and ITER Home Teams, Nucl. Fusion 41, 1301 (2001)]and DEMO [D. Maisonner, I. Cook, S. Pierre, B. Lorenzo, D. Luigi, G. Luciano, N. Prachai, and P. Aldo, Fusion En…


Small tokamaks may significantly contribute to the better understanding of phenomena in a wide range of fields such as plasma confinement and energy transport; plasma stability in different magnetic configurations; plasma turbulence and its impact on local and global plasma parameters; processes at the plasma edge and plasma-wall interaction; scena…