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Visible emission from a broad range of tungsten charge states has complicated plasma ion temperature and toroidal rotation measurements on the JET tokamak since the installation of the ITER-like wall. A plethora of charge exchange emission lines from ions up to W 56+ and 21 suspected magnetic dipole emission lines have so far been observed. In p…

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NBI-heated L-mode plasmas have been obtained in JET with the Be/W ITER-like wall (JET-ILW) in H and D, with matched profiles of the dimensionless plasma parameters in the plasma core confinement region and same Ti/Te and Zeff. The achieved isotope identity indicates that the confinement scale invariance principle is satisfied in the core confine…

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The pedestal structure, ELM losses and linear MHD stability are analysed in a series of JET-ILW H and D type I ELMy H-mode plasmas. The pedestal pressure (pPED) is typically higher in D than in H at the same input power, with the difference mainly due to lower density in H than in D. At the same input power, the pedestal electron pres…

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Deuterium pellets are injected into initially pure hydrogen H-mode plasma in order to control H:D isotope mixture. The pellets are deposited in outer 20% of minor radius, similar to that expected in ITER creating transiently hollow electron density profiles. The isotope mixture of H:D ~ 45:55% is obtained in the core with pellet fuelling throughput…

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A discrepancy in the divertor radiated powers between EDGE2D-EIRENE simulations, both with and without drifts, and JET-ILW experiments employing a set of NBI-heated L-mode discharges with step-wise density variation is investigated. Results from a VUV/visible poloidally scanning spectrometer are used together with bolometric measurements to determi…

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Charge exchange spectroscopy has long been a key diagnostic tool for fusion plasmas and is well developed in devices with Carbon Plasma-Facing Components. Operation with the ITER-like wall at JET has resulted in changes to the spectrum in the region of the Carbon charge exchange line at 529.06nm and demonstrates the need to revise the core charge e…