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The evolution of the JET high performance hybrid scenario, including central accumulation of the tungsten (W) impurity, is reproduced with predictive multi-channel integrated modelling over multiple confinement times using first-principle based models. 8 transport channels are modelled predictively, with self-consistent sources, radiation and magne…

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For the first time, over five confinement times, the self-consistent flux driven time evolution of heat, momentum transport and particle fluxes of electrons and multiple ions including Tungsten (W) is modeled within the integrated modeling platform JETTO [Romanelli M et al PFR 2014], using first principle-based codes : namely, QuaLiKiz [Bourd…

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Heavy impurities, such as tungsten (W), can exhibit strongly poloidally asymmetric density profiles in rotating or radio frequency heated plasmas. In the metallic environment of JET, the poloidal asymmetry of tungsten enhances its neoclassical transport up to an order of magnitude, so that neoclassical convection is expected to dominate over turbul…