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Recent improvements in software tools and methodology have allowed us to perform a more comprehensive in-vessel calibration for all mid-infrared camera systems at JET. A comparison of experimental methods to calculate the non-uniformity correction is described as well as the linearity for the different camera systems. Measurements of the temperatur…

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The JET ITER-like Wall (ILW) provides the same plasma facing component configuration as ITER during its active phase: beryllium in the main chamber and tungsten in the divertor. Moving from a carbon-based wall to an all metal wall requires some operational adjustment. The reduction in radiation at the plasma edge and in the divertor can lead to hig…


Remote handling operations at JET have encountered many challenges to achieve the installation of the ILW beryllium sliced wall during the Enhanced Performance stage 2 (EP2) shutdown of JET. This was a demanding and challenging activity which was based on the experience gained from a period of over 15 years (20000 hrs. operations) of JET In-Vessel …