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A study of a dataset of JET plasma with the Be/W ITER-like wall (JET-ILW) shows that reaching the edge MHD ballooning limit leads to confinement degradation. However, unlike JET plasma with a carbon wall (JET-C), the JET-ILW plasma stays in a marginal dithering phase for a relatively long period, associated with a higher a ( 20%) H-mode density lim…

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The published version of this paper is currently under embargo and will be available on 28/04/2022

The magnetic perturbations produced by the resonant magnetic perturbation (RMP) coils will be rotated in ITER so that the spiral patterns due to strike point splitting which are locked to the RMP also rotate. This is to ensure even power deposition on the divertor plates. VMEC equilibria are calculated for different phases of the RMP rotation. It i…

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