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It is often observed that large sawteeth trigger the neoclassical tearing mode (NTM) well below the usual threshold for this instability. At the same time, fast particles in the plasma core stabilize sawteeth and provide these large crashes. The paper presents results of first experiments in ASDEX Upgrade for destabilization of fast particle stabil…


The ability to predict the stability of fast-particle-driven Alfvén eigenmodes in burning fusion plasmas requires a detailed understanding of the dissipative mechanisms that damp these modes. In order to address this question, the linear gyro-kinetic, electromagnetic code L IGKA [1] is employed to investigate their behaviour in realistic tokamak g…


High confinement [with H 1 , ITERH- 98 y, 2 ] at b N 2.3 has been found in ASDEX Upgrade discharges with existing m, n 3, 2 neoclassical tearing modes (NTMs). The reason for the high confinement at high b N values is a transition of the NTMs into the so-called frequently interrupted regime. In this regime, the NTM growth is frequently interrupted b…