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Ion cyclotron emission (ICE) driven by perpendicular neutral beam-injected (NBI) deuterons, together with the distinctive ICE driven by tangential NBI, have been observed from heliotron-stellarator plasmas in the Large Helical Device (LHD). Radio frequency radiation in the lower hybrid range has also been observed, with frequency dependent on plasm…


A method to quantify the energy transfer among turbulent structures using singular value decomposition (SVD) is presented. We apply the method to numerical turbulence data obtained from a global plasma simulation using the Hasegawa-Wakatani fluid model, in which the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability plays a dominant role. Using the SVD method, …

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The novel technique of dynamical mode decomposition (DMD) is applied to the outputs of a numerical simulation of Kelvin-Helmholtz turbulence in a cylindical plasma, so as to capture and quantify the time evolution of the dominant nonlinear structures. These structures comprise rotationally symmetric deformations together with spiral patterns, which…

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Ion cyclotron emission (ICE) is detected from all large toroidal magnetically conned fusion (MCF) plasmas. It is a form of spontaneous suprathermal radiation, whose spectral peak frequencies correspond to sequential cyclotron harmonics of energetic ion species, evaluated at the emission location. We first present an account of the worldwide exper…

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It is known that rapid edge cooling of magnetically confined plasmas can trigger heat pulses that propagate rapidly inward. These can result in large excursion, either positive or negative, in the electron temperature at the core. A set of particularly detailed measurements was obtained in Large Helical Device(LHD) plasmas [S. Inagaki et al, Plasma…

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In some magnetically confined plasmas, an applied pulse of rapid edge cooling can trigger either a positive or negative excursion in the core electron temperature from its steady state value. We present a new model which captures the time evolution of the transient, non-diffusive local dynamics in the core plasma. We show quantitative agreement bet…


Several types of microwave diagnostics, in the category of electron cyclotron emission (ECE) spectroscopy and reflectometry, have been developed on the Large Helical Device (LHD). Since LHD has a complicated magnetic configuration, the polarization effects have been studied for optimization of the microwave passive and active diagnostics. It was fo…