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As part of our aim to develop a reactor design framework, we present here our solution for the optimisation of plasma equilibria and tokamak poloidal field systems. A 2-D, free boundary, ideal magneto-hydrodynamic plasma equilibrium solver is described. We use it within the BLUEPRINT reactor design framework to design the plasma equilibria and po…

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The European DEMO fusion power reactor (EU-DEMO) is still in the pre-conceptual design phase. The design strategy for the EU-DEMO hinges on investigating multiple reactor designs and technologies in parallel, progressively down-selecting these in the mid-2020’s, in preparation for the conceptual design phase. The present implementation of the str…

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The European DEMO power reactor is currently under conceptual design within the EUROfusion Consortium. One of the most critical activities is the engineering of the plasma-facing components (PFCs) covering the plasma chamber wall, which must operate reliably in an extreme environment of neutron irradiation and surface heat and particle flux, while …

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A robust water-cooled divertor target plate solution for DEMO has to date remained elusive. Common to all contemporary concepts is an interlayer at the boundary between the tungsten armour and the cooling structure. In this paper we show by design optimisation that an effectively designed interlayer can produce dramatic gains in power handling. By …

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The design of a divertor target for DEMO remains one of the most challenging engineering tasks to be overcome on the path to fusion power. Under the European DEMO programme, a promising concept known as Thermal Break has been developed at CCFE. This concept is a variation of the ITER tungsten divertor in which the pure Copper interlayer between Cop…

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